Ministerial Meetings

The Welsh Liberal Democrats recognise that politics and politicians have a bad reputation. Trust in politics needs to be restored, and our 2016 manifesto contained various proposals to go some way to restoring this. One of these was to publicise meetings between Government Ministers and lobbying groups.

A list of meetings Kirsty has had in her role as Cabinet Secretary for Education between June 2016 and December 2016 can be seen below.

From January 2017 ministerial meetings have been publicised on the Welsh Government website, and can be found here.



2nd June -Professor Graham Donaldson

16th June - Professor Ian Diamond

23rd June - Professor Colin Riordan, Mr Rob Humphreys, Professor John Hughes, Professor Tony Chapman,  Professor Julie Lydon, Professor Maria Hinfelaar,  Professor Medwin Hughes, Professor John Grattan, Amanda Wilkinson, Lisa Newberry

23rd June - Chris Llewelyn, WLGA

23rd June - David Allen & Dr David Blaney, HEFCW

24th June - Meeting between Tom Woodward (Special Advisor to Kirsty Williams) and Tom Griffin, University of South Wales.  Kirsty Williams not present.

28th June - Phone call with Amanda Wilkinson & Prof Colin Riordan

29th June - Beth Button, NUS Wales President

29th June - Meilyr Rowlands, Estyn Chief Inspector

29th June - Robert Hill



13th July - Cllr Ali Thomas & Chris Llewellyn WLGA

19th July - Meeting between Tom Woodward (Special Advisor to Kirsty Williams) and Ruth Marks, WCVA. Kirsty Williams not present.

22nd July - Meeting between Tom Woodward and Elgan Morgan (South Wales Chamber of Commerce).  Kirsty Williams not present.

22nd July - Meeting between Tom Woodward and Fflur Elin, NUS Wales President.  Kirsty Williams not present.

28th July - Meeting with ATL Cymru

28th July - Chris Keates, NASUWT

28th July - Toni Schiavone & Colin Nosworthy & Catrin Dafydd, Cymdeithas yr Iaith

29th July - David Evans & Owen Hathway & Neil Foden & Angela Jardine & Beth Davies,  NUT Cymru

29th July - Meeting with Chairs of Universities Wales

29th July - Tina Donnelly, RCN



9th Aug - Teach First (Special Advisor only, Cabinet Secretary not present)

15th Aug - NAHT

16th Aug - Lleu Williams (Special Advisor, Cabinet Secretary not present)

22nd Aug - Citizens Wales

22nd Aug - Lesley Kirkpatrick, CEO of Techniquest

22nd Aug - Huw Vaughan Thomas, Auditor General

24th Aug - Sir Adrian Webb

24th Aug - GMB and UCU

26th Aug - Olivia Jones, Universities Wales (Special Advisor only, Cabinet Secretary not present)



1st Sept – Nick Batchelar & Cllr Sarah Merry

5th Sept - Aliya Mohammed, Chief Executive, Race Equality First

5th Sept - NUS Wales President, Fflur Elin

5th Sept - Rhian Bowen-Davies, National Adviser for Violence Against Women

5th Sept – Laura McAllister (discussion on Women in STEM subjects)

7th Sept – Members of OECD

8th Sept – Mel Ainscow (Special Advisor only)

13th Sept – Russell Deacon, Gorwel (Special Advisor only)

15th Sept – Oliva Jones, Universities Wales (Special Advisor only)

22nd Sept - Professor Steve Martin, Director PPIW (SM) & Dan Bristow, PPIW (DB)

22nd Sept - Dr Chris Llewelyn, Councillor Ali Thomas OBE (WLGA)

22nd Sept - Hayden Llewellyn, Chief Executive of EWC & Angela Jardine, Chairperson of EWC

22nd Sept - Dr David Blaney, Chief Executive and David Allen, Chair (HEFCW)

22nd Sept - Estyn Chief Inspector, Meilyr Rowlands

28th Sept – Tim Ramsay (Just Like Us) (Special Advisor only)



3rd Oct - Future First (Special Advisor only)

5th Oct - Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol

5th Oct - UCU

6th Oct -EAS Directors & Headteachers

6th Oct - Stonewall Cymru

6th Oct - British Lung Foundation

6th Oct - Diocesan Directors of Education

6th Oct - Arts Council Wales Chair

11th Oct - Future Generations Commissioner

12th Oct - Terrence Higgins Trust

13th Oct - Ann Keane

13th Oct - Cardiff Metropolitan University

13th Oct - University of South Wales

18th Oct - Sutton Trust/Education Endowment Foundation

18th Oct - UCAC

18th Oct - Welsh Language Commissioner

19th Oct - British Medical Association

19th Oct - Chwarae Teg

19th Oct -  Accord Coalition for Inclusive Education

20th Oct - Tom Griffin, University of South Wales (Special Advisor only)



1st Nov - Deborah Streatfield, My Big Career (Special Advisor only) 

2nd Nov - German Industry UK regarding Vocational Education in Schools

7th Nov - Owen Hathway, NUT (Special Advisor only)

8th Nov - Emotional Leaning Foundation

9th Nov - Stephanie Price, Director Duke of Edinburgh-Wales

10th Nov - NAHT Cymru

11th Nov - WLGA Cabinet Members

11th Nov - Coleg Cambria

16th Nov- Sports Wales

23rd Nov - Children’s Commissioner for Wales

23rd Nov - HEFCW

25th Nov - ASCL Members

29th Nov - Positif Politics anniversary (Special Advisor only)



7th Dec - Estyn Chief Inspector

8th Dec - Dr Evelien Bracke

8th Dec - Deborah McMillian, Chair of ADEW

8th Dec - Chair of Governors, University of South Wales

15th Dec - Gill Lewis, Chair Public Services Staff Commission

15th Dec - Gareth Thomas, Gwynedd Cabinet Minister for Education

21st Dec - Rosie Raison, RCN (Special Advisor only)

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