Kirsty Williams responds to CSSIW Inspection of Adult Social Services in Powys County Council

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats and AM for Brecon & Radnorshire said:


“When Powys announced its ill-conceived plans back in 2013, I expressed grave concerns about the effect the changes would have on my constituents. I take absolutely no pleasure in reading this report which confirms those concerns were realised.


“We must not forget the people and families behind this report. This process left people vulnerable, carers at their wits end and a financial black hole.


“The report states that whilst the care delivered was often good, many people did not receive care at all. There is a worrying trend not to carry out carers assessments and that there are insecure prospects for improvement. 


“Whilst the report says things are improving I continue to receive complaints that there is still a lack of staff available, people remain trapped in hospital and there is still a great uncertainty for staff. So clearly there is a way to go before people in Powys have the service they need and deserve.”






From the Record of Proceedings on 21st May 2013


Kirsty Williams


Minister, could you arrange for a statement to be laid by the Deputy Minister for Social Services with regard to the future of domiciliary care services in Powys? The council has, out of the blue, embarked on a 90-day consultation to outsource domiciliary care. One of the reasons cited is an inability to recruit staff to that service. That does beg the question as to how, then, the private sector, which is renowned for market failure in rural areas, will be able to address that situation.


There are constituents in receipt of domiciliary services in Powys who are extremely frightened that this will lead to a disruption to the care that they receive, and could lead to more people having to access NHS services because of a failure in domiciliary care. I would be grateful for any assistance the Welsh Government could give in outlining what consultation the council should be going through to ensure that domiciliary care services are not disrupted and that some of our most vulnerable citizens continue to be cared for appropriately.


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